NMBUHelp - find answers here!

You can log onto NMBUHelp here with your Feide credentials: https://nmbuhjelp.nmbu.no/tas/public/ssp/

NMBUHelp consists of a search function to quickly locate guidelines, user manuals, basic student information and some specialized services.  One of the advantages of using NMBUHelp is that you will have a complete overview of your questions/requests. 

My Requests

  • You can now find history of your requests (open and closed) in the self-help portal 
  • You can check the status on each request
  • You can see the entire communication history
  • You can ask follow-up questions to existing requests
  • You can also cancel your request if you no longer need assistance

User Manuals

NMBUhelp provides up to date information for the various student tools, for example Printer Services, Canvas, StudentWeb and much much more.

The user guides consist of:

  • Overview of services currently offered
  • User manuals
  • Tail-made forms. These can be anything from informing us about a problem to request access/services.

Overview of Services

  • Services are sorted by theme
  • Navigate to a specific service or use the search function  

Contact and Request Forms

By using the forms on NMBUHelp, an appropriate case worker is quickly assigned and you can expect a promt response.

What do you think about NMBUhelp?

We appreciate your feedback about your experiences with NMBUHelp. By clicking on "Contact us", you will find a form to give us your feedback.

Published 17. June 2022 - 13:23 - Updated 10. November 2022 - 12:23