Ås municipality will settle refugees from Ukraine - Ås students and SiÅs must help

Students live in all collectives at the Pentagon, but in some flats there are several available rooms. We therefore want to move some of you to release the entire collective for the settlement of refugees.

 In the first instance, we see the possibility of releasing the following collective:

Inferno 001-006

Inferno 207-212

Jubilee 107-112

Jubilee 207-212

 We ask that you who live in these collectives move to the following rooms:

 Inferno 001-006 moves to Inferno 101-106

Inferno 207-212 moves to Inferno 201-206

Jubilo 107-112 moves to Jubilo 101-106

Jubilo 207-212 moves to Jubilo 201-206

 It may also be possible to move to other rooms in Pentagon, possibly also directly to the residential area where you have a new contract for the next academic year.

 We ask that you visit SiÅs housing office in Boksmia during Monday 28 March to clarify a new room and retrieve keys. It is also possible to drop by today and spend the weekend moving.

Best regards


Pål Magnus Løken

Housing director

Published 25. March 2022 - 17:57 - Updated 25. March 2022 - 17:57