NMBU's Study Environment Prize

In order to draw attention to the student environment at NMBU, the Learning Environment Committee has initiated the establishment of a Study Environment Prize at NMBU. This is the first time this prize will be awarded.

The aim of the prize is to highlight good measures to stimulate a good study environment at NMBU. The recipient(s) of the prize must have done something beyond what one might normally expect, in order to promote inclusion, diversity and well-being for students at NMBU. The prize can be awarded to any student, student group or employee at NMBU.

Both students and staff at NMBU can submit proposals for candidates, and the deadline for nomination is th 15th of March. Proposals are submitted via this form. You can also use the QR code in the article. More information about the prize. 


QR-kode skjema studiemiljøpris


Published 4. February 2022 - 14:40 - Updated 7. February 2022 - 13:11