Study Start Survey 2022

NMBU conducts a short survey among new students at the university. In the survey, which will be published on 18 January, we ask questions that will allow us to get to know you better as a student and how you experienced the first semester at the university.

We need your participation

The results of the survey and the data we obtain afterwards will help us to develop the programmes at the university. Your participation will provide important knowledge that will strengthen NMBU going forward. We therefore hope that you will give us your consent to stay in touch. Then we can keep up to date with how you experience the quality of your studies over a longer period of time.

Please respond as quickly as you can

We would appreciate it if you answered the survey as soon as possible, and preferably within a week.

Consent, anonymity and GDPR

We treat your data confidentially. You can read more information about the survey, consent, anonymity and GDPR on NMBU's website.

Published 18. January 2022 - 9:43 - Updated 18. January 2022 - 10:46