Be aware of ongoing fraud attempts!

In connection with the start of a new semester where many students are looking for a place to live, the Oslo Police District notify that some young people have been deceived, or attempted deceived, via the website

In the message from the perpetrator, you are asked to go to a link to arrange an appointment for an interview or viewing. To do this, according to the scammers, you must identify yourself 
with BankID. This is a phishing site controlled by the perpetrators. The BankID login information that the perpetrators acquire, is used to carry out data breaches in the online bank. The money is then sent out from bank accounts to various payment intermediation services, cryptocurrency exchanges or account numbers.

The Police recommend the following preventive measures:

  • You can not always rely on the name or phone number in the e-mail / phone field as this can easily forged
  • Read the sender address in the e-mail carefully to see if the e-mail actually comes from the domain of the legitimate actor
  • Check the links you receive carefully as the perpetrators may have created a very similar domain to the legitimate actor
  • Avoid clicking on links you receive on SMS or e-mail. Rather go via the official or website you normally use
  • STOP - THINK - CHECK. Take your time and check the inquiry carefully 
Published 13. August 2021 - 18:00 - Updated 4. October 2021 - 14:58