Student hosts

What is a Studen Host?

NMBUs Student Hosts are students who would like to help other studentes. As a first year student, there are many new things to learn and those of you who started last semester have not experienced a normal start to your student life.  For that reason, the NMBU Student Hosts wish to help you! You will find their arrangements and what they can offer on Facebook and other social media channels and maybe you will receive an invitation for an informal, digital meeting that can be relevant to you, so remember to check this!   

What happens next?

Waffle Thursday!

SiT has a long tradition of serving free waffels for students in the Clock Building on Thursdays. Along with the waffles we have had small lectures on different topics related to your studies. In the autumn semester we had to switch the Waffle Thursday to digital meetings, and the Student Hosts will start arranging this again now. This means that you must make you own waffle for now, but information about important topics and chats with other students will be possible again from this comming Thursday.  This week’s topic is Examinations, and you will receive an overview of everything you need to know about digital exams and you will be given the possibility to ask any questions you might have. Please remember that no question is "stupid" and that if you are wondering about something, most likely you are not the only one wondering about that. Sign up for the Waffle Thursdays on Facebook

Hopefully, we will be able to arrange physical Waffle Thursdays sometime again soon, until then, we hope you will enjoy the digital meetings! If you have a topic that you would like to be discussed, please send an email to

Informal zoom meetings

The Student hosts are also arranging informal zoom meetings where you can log on to ask questions and have a chat with other students in the same situation as you. The arrangements will be posted on Facebook groups at your Faculty or on SiT, so pay attention to these groups.
From Monday 10 May you join zoom meeting points from 8-9:30 am

At the meeings you will meet the following Student Hosts*:

Faculty Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
LANDSAM Maja & Stian Maja & Stian Astrid & Stian Maja & Stian Maja & Stian
KBM   Jenny & Michelle   Michelle Jenny & Michelle
REALTEK Kristoffer Kristoffer Jude Kristoffer Kristoffer
BIOVIT Marte Arvid Marte Marte Marte
HH Sondre Sondre   Sondre  

* Due to the exams the Student Hosts will be a little to and from through May

More to come
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