The game "Student Life During Corona" (On the Safe Side) is a webapp that NMBU is a part of. It provides you with user-friendly training and advice on what you should do in emergency situations. However, you must always assess the situation yourself to decide what is the best thing to do in each individual case.

Themes in the game include study techniques, coping with stress, loneliness, time management, being active, life's ups and downs, and how to sleep well.

Download the app «Attensi Skills», register with your mobile number and play Student life in the corona era.
- makes it a LITTLE easier to be a student right now.

Those who complete the game can win a MacBook Air

The game has both  national and local high-score lists.. At the end of the semester in June, three national winners will be drawn, who each get their MacBook Air. They are drawn among those who are certified (received five stars) in all the modules of the game. There will also be other competitions with different prizes in the playing period until the summer.

You will find information about where and how you can play the game at

Published 26. March 2021 - 15:09 - Updated 22. April 2021 - 12:53