Matriculation 2021

According to tradition, the NMBU Matriculation Ceremony is for students admitted to a bachelor program, a five-year intergrated bachelor-master program or a program taught in English. In addition students admitted to a one-year basic study, one-year study of science subjects and this year's exchange/guest students are also invited.

We cordially invite these students to the ceremony which will take place on the lawn in front of the Clock Building. On the lawn, you will stand together with students from your faculty.
The ceremony will include speeches by Rector, Leader of Student Parliament, Minister of Education and Research Henrik Asheim and an international student. There will also be music and the distribution of roses.

Practical Information:

NMBU will ensure that the ceremony is held according to the infection control regulations. There is plenty of room on the lawn, and it will be clearly marked where students from each faculty should stand. You must remain in your designated area throughout the entire ceremony.

You will walk down to the lawn together with your faculty and your buddies. Due to infection control, each faculty will walk down to the lawn at different times:

REALTEK, LANDSAM, HH: on the lawn at 12:45

KBM, MINA, BIOVIT og VET: on the lawn at 12:50

Please remember to each before the ceremony!

The ceremony lasts approximately 1,5 hours.



Published 14. August 2020 - 14:03 - Updated 1. September 2021 - 10:51