Autumn Semester 2020

How will classes be?

This spring semester has been out of the ordinary with closed buildings and only digital classes. The university is now cautiously re-opening and even though the plans for the autumn semester are not yet completely finalized, we know that all students will have both digital classes and on-campus classes. We are working hard to have a good start to the semester and we hope that the blended solution with digital and on-campus classes will work well.

Infection Control

NMBU takes infection control seriously and because of this all students and staff must take an on-line course in Protective Measures before returning to campus. The course is obligatory and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. NMBU closely monitors the corona virus situation and we will follow the recommended guidelines at all times so that everyone on campus feels safe. Due to the current guidelines NMBU must have fewer students per classroom than previously. This means that space will be limited in some courses, and these courses must therefore be offered digitally. We are working in earnest to offer good solutions, and we hope to have more information soon.

Buddy Program

Planning for the Buddy Program for new students is underway, but this will also differ from previous years. Nevertheless, we believe that the Buddy Program will contribute to a great start for our new students.


Published 16. June 2020 - 13:44 - Updated 25. June 2020 - 15:50