How does the corona virus effect menthal health?

2020 will be remembered as the year when our society was shaken by the outbreak of COVID-19 disease. In order to protect the most vulnerable and control the virus, our leaders mobilized us to follow specific rules. For all of us from one day to the next, our social interactions, our studies, work, everyday routines were affected.

If you would like to help us understand how the outbreak and the subsequent restrictions have affected mental health in the society, please join the BRYDEG2020 by answering the survey here. The current project examines what are the consequences of the covid19 outbreak and the restrictions put on the population, on acute and long term mental health. In this survey, participants are asked a range of questions which cover how the outbreak and restrictions have affected their stress and anxiety levels, their sleep, their studies, their social connections, their channels of information. Participants who are willing to, will be recontacted in a few months and again next year and in 2022.

It is crucial for our society to prepare for the aftermath of the outbreak, analyse the effects of the outbreak and the effects that the restriction had on this population, in order to be prepared should such an outbreak happen again.

The BRY.DEG2020 is a joint initiative from the University of Bergen and Western Norway University for Applied Sciences, together with Haukeland University Hospital and the Norwegian Council for Mental Health. The project was approved by the local ethical committee (REK Nord 2020/123324). NMBU encourages all studentes to participate in the survey.

Published 14. April 2020 - 15:36 - Updated 25. June 2020 - 15:54