Questions and Answers on the Coronavirus disease for NMBU students

NMBU has partially open the Clock Building for student use.
There will both digital and on-campus classes in the autumn semester.
NMBU is closely monitoring the situation and follows national guidelines at all times.

If you have further questions and cannot find the answer below, please contact us at

Questions and Answers on the Coronavirus disease for NMBU students

Classes, Exams, Thesis Submission

What will happen in the autumn semester 2020?

There will be a combination of digital and on-campus classes in the autumn semester. It is still unclear how much on-campus activity there will be, but all students will have some classes on-campus. NMBU is closely monitoring the situation and is planning course activity according to the guidelines set by the government.

What will happen with Exams?

Information about examinations in August will be available at a later date. Channels for obtaining information about examinations:

  • Course's Canvas Room
  • Your NMBU email account for formal information
  • StudentWeb

Additional information:

Permitted Aids

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the permitted aids for your exam and only use these aids. Make sure that you do not use any aids that are not permitted to avoid being suspected of cheating or plagiarism. 

Grading System - Retaking Exams

Grade when retaking a course/an exam with a new grading scale:

[A-F → pass/fail] Students who obtained a passing letter grade previously and retake a pass/fail course spring 2020:

  • If you fail the new exam: Letter grade counts
  • If you pass the new exam: “Pass” counts

[pass/fail → A-F] Students who obtain a “pass” (from spring 2020) and retake a course with A-F scale in the future:

  • If you fail the new exam: “Pass” counts
  • If you pass the new exam: Letter grade counts

Special arrangements due to disabilities and special needs

Information about disabilities and special needs.

Valid absence

The usual rules for valid absence and re-examination apply. In the spring of 2020, NMBU allows self-certification as documentation for valid absence on the exam cf. temporary regulations section 6 (2). Information about valid absence and how to register your absence. The deadline to apply to register for a valid absence is five (5) days after the exam.

NOTE: If you plan to apply for a job-seeker permit, it is recommended to submit at early as possible to avoid delays with the permit application. Questions can be directed to 

Access to buildings, library and events

What will happen with events at NMBU?

The Clock Building is now open for students who want to use the computer and reading rooms in 3rd floor. There is a max limit at around 100 students, and students will be granted access on a  first come first serve basis. To get access to the building you must have completed "training in protective measures for employees and students at NMBU" in Canvas. Receipt for completed course must be shown to staff before entering the building.

The building will be open from 9-15.

The rest of campus will remain closed until further notice and other events are postponed until a later dater or offered digitally.

Will the library be open?

The library at Campus Ås will reopen 10 august. Untill then, the library will offer take away service in some buildings.

I have books/other things on campus that I need - what should I do?

It is possible to arrange to collect your things by contacting the property department on as soon as possible.

 Exchange Studies

What will happen with my application for exchange autumn 2020 and spring 2021?

All incoming and outgoing exchange is cancelled or postponed for autumn 2020, both within and outside of Europe.  We hope it will be possible to go on exchange spring 2021.

Can I travel abroad?

NMBU strongly discourages intrnational travel. This is due to the increased risk of contagion, and you can be placed in quarantine in the country you travel to. No one is allowed to travel under the auspices of NMBU to the areas where the Ministy of Foreign Affairs (UD) advises against or areas with continued spread of the disease. NMBU encourages student and staff to closely follow both the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's and UD's travel recommendations.

Keep updated on the webpages for Ås Municipality (in Norwegian) and Oslo Municipality (in English).  

SiÅs Housing

I live in SiÅs housing and I have been infected. Who should I inform?

You must inform NMBU on this form and you should also send an email to They will work together with the local medical authorities to determine whether additional measures which must be taken.

I live in SiÅs housing. Are there guidelines for what we can and cannot do to prevent infection?

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, SiÅs requests that all tenants do everything possible to reduce the risk of infection. Until further notice, all social activities in student flats should be kept at a minimum. If tenants become ill or have been in contact with infected persons, these advices from Norwegian Institue of Public Health applies.

SiÅs flats vary in size, but most students live in relative close quarters. It is recommended to closely follow the recommendations outlined by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Keep updated on the webpages for Ås Municipality (in Norwegian).

Medical Insurance and General Practioner

Do I have medical insurance as an international student if I get coronavirus?

International students have insurance coverage in one of four ways:
- You have a Norwegian ID number or if you waiting for your Norwegian ID number to be issued but have a residence permit that is valid for longer than 9 months. You are covered in Norway like a Norwegian national. After receiving the ID number, you were either assigned general practitioner or you selected on yourself.

- You have an EU health card. This normally applies to EU students who do not have a Norwegian ID number. You are also covered by the Norwegian Health Care System. This group of students is not assigned a general practitioner.

-  You have applied and been granted Voluntary Member in the Norwegian Healthcare Scheme. You are covered like a Norwegian national. This group os students is not assigned a general practitioner.

- All other short-stay students have their own private medical/travel insurance. You should contact your insurance company to find out what your coverage is. This group of students is not assigned a general practitioner.

Who is my General Practitioner?

You can log onto the Helsenorge webpages to see who your general practitioner is and/or switch to another doctor. You can also call Helsenorge at 23 32 70 00 to ask for assistance.

Study Permit Renewal and Part-time Work

How will I renew my study permit?

 As per the UDI website, it is now possible to book appointments at a few police stations in Norway, but you may be asked to upload documents instead of attending the booked appointment time. Routines will vary from police station to police station.

How will I document financing for the renewal of my study permit, if I have been laid off?

If you cannot document financing at the time of renewal, you will be given a grace period until 1 October to submit documentation as decided by the Ministry of Education and Research. The rest of the application must be submitted as usual, but it will not be processed until the documentation of financing is uploaded, no later than 1 October. The sooner financing can be documented, the sooner your renewal application can be processed.



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