Questions and Answers on the Coronavirus disease for NMBU students


The government has lifted the special measures for the municipalities in Østlandet, and the municipalities will revert to following local measures. In particular, the opening of student study rooms was mentioned in the government’s press release.  

In consultation with Ås municipality, we will now allow students to use study rooms and group rooms on Campus Ås and Adamstuen. The buildings will open on Thurs. Feb. 18. The Economy Building will remain closed. The library and the study room at Sørhellinga and the Beehive canteen will open on Mon. Feb. 22.

We prioritize our students and will carefully give them access to the campuses. Employees should still work from home as much as is practically possible.

Bent Høie, the Minister of Health and Care Services, emphasizes that the experiences other countries have had with the new virus variants show that our infection situation may also change very quickly. It is therefore just as crucial that we follow the infection prevention guidelines.

To get access to the Campus buildings you must have completedin Canvas  the 
"training in protective measures for employees and students at NMBU" 

Also use the QR Check in systems when entering building on Campus.
The government's national measures

Illness and Testing

What happens if I get sick and how do I report it?

If you have respiratory tract symptoms, you should stay at home until the symptoms have passed.If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you should be tested and stay at home until you have a negative test result AND you are free of symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please inform us on this form.

As long as you have not tested positiv for COVID-19, you do not need to report it. If you have mandatory attendance in a course, please inform the course responsible.
If you suspect that you have COVID-19 disease please read the information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH).

The criteria for testing is that you have had one or more of the following symptoms for more than 48 hours:

Ås municipality has set up tents to test for corona at Åsgård School, Skoleveien 7. As of September 1st you need to book an appointment.

How to book an appointment

  • Please contact Ås municipality's corona phone on 959 39 677 to arrange the time for testing
  • The phone for booking is open from 11:30 - 15:00 Monday to Friday. Test and analysis is free of charge.

Students who are living in a SiO flat can make an appointment to get tested at the Foundation for Student Life in Oslo (SiO). SiO Health’s test station is located at Fredrikkeplassen at Blindern. Testing happens outdoors in a designated barrack. SiO Health’s test station supplements Oslo municipality’s testing services. You can also schedule corona testing through the municipality’s corona phone hotline if no opening is available. SiO has set up a phone hotline for scheduling testing which is open Monday to Friday from 8:15 to 11:00 and from 12:30 to 14:30. You will receive information as to meeting place and time when you schedule your testing.

Testing for International Travel
The person traveling is responsible for contacting a private provider who offers COVID-19 testing for travel purposes. The individual must cover the costs associated with the testing and the required documentation herself/himself.
This type of testing is not covered by the Norwegian healthcare system and it is not eligible for a HELFO refund. Traveling is a personal choice and the individual must therefore cover the cost, such as in the case for vaccinations for travel purposes.

Use of face masks

A face mask is recommended to help reduce the spread in situations where the risk of infection is high or increasing.

Wearing a face mask is recommended or mandatory in some situations.

Visit the website of your local municipality or the municipality you are visiting for information on potential local requirements on the use of face masks.


All exams spring 2021 will be home exams

Access to buildings, library and events

Week 4, The campus buildings are closed. If there is something important you need to collect from a building, you can contact campus security guards on phone number 986 91 113.

To get access to the building you must have completed "training in protective measures for employees and students at NMBU" in Canvas. 

Will the library be open?

Due to the regional COVID-19 measures the physical library is closed. We hope to be able to open the library at Sørhellinga February 1st. Feel free to contact the library by e-mail: 

Exchange Studies

What will happen with exchange spring 2021?

Incoming exchange will proceed as usual.
Outgoing exchange outside of Europe is cancelled for spring 2021. We hope exchange will normalize autumn 2021.
The application deadline for exchange within Europe is 15 September. You can review our list of European partner universities.

COVID-19 - risk assessment, travel insurance and online classes

It is important to closely monitor the situation in the country you hope to travel to, and that you evaluate the risk in travelling. At any given time, you should follow the country's guidelines and restrictions.
If you are nominated for exchange, it is of critical importance that students purchase good travel insurance and that you know what it does and does not cover. There are only a few Norwegian travel insurances which might cover illness due to COVID-19, but will not cover the costs for evacuation if this becomes necessary. It is important to note that NMBU is not financially liable for any evacuation costs.
Due to COVID-19 many of our partner universities are currently offering a hybrid teaching solution, with some person-to-person and some online classes. It is difficult to predict what the situation will be like in the spring, and it is recommended that you follow the information sent out by our partner universities and their websites closely.

Can I travel abroad?

NMBU strongly discourages international travel. This is due to the increased risk of contagion, and you can be placed in quarantine in the country you travel to. No one is allowed to travel under the auspices of NMBU to the areas where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) advises against or areas with continued spread of the disease. NMBU encourages student and staff to closely follow both the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's and UD's travel recommendations.

Keep updated on the webpages for Ås Municipality (in Norwegian) and Oslo Municipality (in English).  

SiÅs Housing

I live in SiÅs housing and I have been infected. Who should I inform?

You must inform NMBU on this form and you should also send an email to They will work together with the local medical authorities to determine whether additional measures which must be taken.

I live in SiÅs housing. Are there guidelines for what we can and cannot do to prevent infection?

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, SiÅs requests that all tenants do everything possible to reduce the risk of infection. Until further notice, all social activities in student flats should be kept at a minimum. If tenants become ill or have been in contact with infected persons, these advices from Norwegian Institue of Public Health applies.

SiÅs flats vary in size, but most students live in relative close quarters. It is recommended to closely follow the recommendations outlined by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Keep updated on the webpages for Ås Municipality (in Norwegian).

Medical Insurance and General Practioner

Do I have medical insurance as an international student if I get coronavirus?

International students have insurance coverage in one of four ways:
- You have a Norwegian ID number or if you waiting for your Norwegian ID number to be issued but have a residence permit that is valid for longer than 9 months. You are covered in Norway like a Norwegian national. After receiving the ID number, you were either assigned general practitioner or you selected on yourself.

- You have an EU health card. This normally applies to EU students who do not have a Norwegian ID number. You are also covered by the Norwegian Health Care System. This group of students is not assigned a general practitioner.

-  You have applied and been granted Voluntary Member in the Norwegian Healthcare Scheme. You are covered like a Norwegian national. This group os students is not assigned a general practitioner.

- All other short-stay students have their own private medical/travel insurance. You should contact your insurance company to find out what your coverage is. This group of students is not assigned a general practitioner.

Who is my General Practitioner?

You can log onto the Helsenorge webpages to see who your general practitioner is and/or switch to another doctor. You can also call Helsenorge at 23 32 70 00 to ask for assistance.

Study Permit Renewal and Part-time Work

How will I renew my study permit?

 As per the UDI website, it is now possible to book appointments at a few police stations in Norway, but you may be asked to upload documents instead of attending the booked appointment time. Routines will vary from police station to police station.

NOTE: If you plan to apply for a job-seeker permit, it is recommended to submit at early as possible to avoid delays with the permit application. Questions can be directed to 




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