Information on Coronavirus to NMBU students

  • Koronaviruset Dersom du tror du er smittet må du ta kontakt med fastlegen din (på telefon) eller telefonlegevakt 116117

NMBU has closed both campuses following orders from the government. We now use new digital teaching methods, because teaching that takes place physically on both campuses is suspended until April 14.

Information on Coronavirus to NMBU students

Both campuses are closed to students and the doors are locked. All teaching that requires physical attendance on the campuses is canceled until April 14. NMBU has alternative solutions in place for teaching. Follow Canvas for details on your classes. Alternative solutions for exams are being worked on.

Keep updated: Questions and answers for students.


Students who have arrived from abroad must quarantine for 14 days. If you are on an exchange this spring, we encourage you to contact the Student Information Centre. If you are planning to go on exchange this fall continue with planning, but wait to buy your ticket.

In a pandemic like this, we must act in solidarity with the weakest members of our society. We must do what we can to limit the spread of infection among the risk groups and minimize the pressure on the health care system. In practice, this means being careful about contagious hygiene, respecting quarantine rules, and meeting restrictions with understanding.



Published 28. February 2020 - 11:26 - Updated 25. March 2020 - 15:41