You must change password!

All students and employees at NMBU must change passwords annually - it is mandatory. You can also consent to allow NMBU to use your mobile phone number for secure login.

You must change password!

In the near future, NMBU wants to increase the security of various services by providing secure login using two-factor (two-step) login. We need your consent to send you one-time codes by SMS.

When you click the link to Brukerdata, log in and choose password, you will first be able to allow NMBU to use your mobile phone number for secure login. Then you will be redirected to set new NMBU password.

For those who have created or changed passwords after July 1, there is no need to change passwords now.

Log in to brukerdata to change your password.

Passwords must be changed within 18 November.

Do we have your mobile number?

When you click the link to password at Brukerdata, you will first be sent to the "Safe Login" tab on brukerdata. Here you can see which mobile phone numbers NMBU has stored for you, and you can choose one.

When mobile numbers are not in NMBU's systems

Then the number must be entered in UBW / Agresso or FS before you agree that NMBU can use it for login. It will take some time from you enter a mobile number in UBW / Agresso or FS before you can consent on brukerdata.

Guides for students (FS)

Problems after password change?

In solutions where passwords are stored, such as email on your phone, eduroam and VPN, you need to update this with the new password.

Guides at

Email for students

Eduroam (employees and students)


If you are still stuck, please contact

The password is personal!

Remember that your username and password are personal and must not be shared with others.

The "brukerdata" website is the only place to exchange your NMBU password.

General information about passwords on NMBU
Read more about secure login

Published 12. November 2018 - 12:56 - Updated 12. November 2018 - 13:08