Remember to get your Master’s thesis registered and stamped at SiT before you hand it in to your faculty

The Student Information Centre (SiT) must register and stamp at least two (2) bound copies of your Master’s thesis before these can be delivered to the faculty. The bound copies must be identical to the thesis submitted in Brage (NMBU’s electronic research archive).

Your thesis will not be assessed unless it is registered and stamped by SiT. After registration, you must deliver the bound and stamped copies to your faculty.

The NMBU library no longer requires a bound copy of your thesis, therefore the minimum number of copies to be submitted has been reduced from three to two. Nevertheless, please confirm with your faculty if they wish to receive more than two bound copies of your Master’s thesis as all official copies must be stamped by SiT.

 SiT is located on the first floor of the Clock Building.

Submission Deadlines:
Autumn Parallel 2017: 15December, 15:45
Spring Parallel 2018: 15 May, 15:00

Published 11. December 2017 - 9:31 - Updated 11. December 2017 - 9:31