Health Services Information

Information regarding health services.

Health Services Information

Medical Emergency

Call 113 for an ambulance.

Legevakt (Emergency Services) - For those without a personal doctor (GP)

Call 116117 to find out who is the doctor on duty for the day and then call that doctor to make an appointment. Try to do so as early as possible during the day. OR If you are not well outside of working hours and would like medical attention, you can travel to the hospital in Ski. It is advisable that you call the Legevakt number to find out if you should take the trip out to Ski or if they think you should wait until the next day to see the doctor on duty in Ås. The hospital address is Vardåsveien 3, 1400 Ski and there is a dedicated bus from Ski bus terminal (Ski Sykehus #512) directly to the hospital and back. If you buy a bus ticket from Ås, it will be valid on the 512 until the ticket expires.

Personal Doctor - For those with Norwegian ID numbers

If you are elgibile for a Norwegian ID number, you can choose a personal doctor (GP) as soon as you receive your Norwegian ID.  Most new students who apply for a Norwegian ID are automatically assigned a personal doctor and are informed of this by post. However, if you have received a Norwegian ID number and have not been assigned a personal doctor, you can choose one yourself by going through the list of available doctors in Ås (use Google translate to read the reviews of the doctors to help you decide which one to choose. It is only possible to choose a doctor who has free spots available). Once you have decided whom you wish to have as a personal doctor, call this number to ask for the doctor to be assigned to you: 800 43 573 When you call, just hold the line and eventually someone will answer, please have your Norwegian ID number ready.

Ås Health Station

The Health Station provides free services to all NMBU students. Please read more about the their opening hours and the services they provide. If you require psychological support, it is possible to speak with the health care personal who can then refer you to a psychologist. If you just need general counselling or someone to talk to, you can make appointment with the University Chaplain. He welcomes all students regardless of faith, religion or way of life. The University Chaplain is bound by a confidentiality agreement, and has the time to talk! Contact the Unviersity Chaplain for an appointment or just drop in.

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