Give your opinion in Studiebarometeret 2021!

Every year, NOKUT conducts a national survey, “Studiebarometeret”, asking 2nd and 5th year students about their satisfaction with the programme they are following. The survey covers areas like learning environment, motivation, teaching and academic guidance. The survey closes 21th of November. 

Gift Cards
Studiebarometeret gives students an important voice in the work to improve educational quality. A high response rate is necessary in order to produce good and representative data about each programme. On a national level, NOKUT is handing out a gift certificates worth up to 5000 NOK. NMBU is also handing out a gift certificates of 500 NOK (Boksmia)

Results published in February 2022
The results for each degree program in Norway will be published in the portal in February 2022. You can now see the results from last year's survey in the portal.

Have you not received an email?
If you have not received an email invitation to participate in the survey, please check your spam filter. You can also receive a personal link to the survey if you enter your mobile phone number in this form. If you haven`t received  an invitation and have problems logging in with your mobile number, please contact

Published 19. October 2018 - 12:47 - Updated 24. October 2022 - 10:00