Give your opinion in Studiebarometeret!

  • The national survey, “Studiebarometeret”

Are you a 2nd or 5th year student? Give your opinion about your programme!

Give your opinion in Studiebarometeret!

Every year, NOKUT conducts a national survey, “Studiebarometeret”, asking 2nd and 5th year students about their satisfaction with the programme they are following. The survey covers areas like learning environment, motivation, teaching and academic guidance.

Studiebarometeret gives students an important voice in the work to improve educational quality. A high response rate is necessary in order to produce good and representative data about each programme. Therefore, NMBU is handing out gift certificates worth 500 NOK to 20 lucky participants. We will also hand out a gift voucher worth 2500 NOK to one lucky participant.  On a national level, NOKUT is also handing out 30 gift certificates worth up to 5000 NOK to lucky winners.

2nd and 5th year students will receive the survey per email and SMS from October 23. If you have a Norwegian cell number, you can also answer the survey using the following link:

We are able to continuously follow participation rates and which faculty is in the lead - so don't wait to give your answers! The survey is open until 13. November 2018 at 12.00.

Published 19. October 2018 - 12:47 - Updated 7. November 2018 - 12:56