Routines - request for an explanation of marks

The Department of Academic Affairs would like point out the following 

In the case of oral examinations or evaluations of practical skills, a request for an explanation must be made immediately after the student has been informed of the mark.

In the event of another form of evaluation, a request for an explanation must be submitted within one week after the mark has been announced if the student is informed of the mark electronically and can submit a request for an explanation in a similar way. You weill receive an email to your NMBU address when your mark is announced on Studentweb

How to request for an explanation
A request for an explanation for an written assessment or similar must be addressed via e-mail to the course coordinator, or, alternatively, to the department responsible for the course if the teacher is not available.

NMBU's Regulations
You will find the information about request on an explanations for marks in chapter 43 - Appeal of marks or formal errors in connection with examinations and/or tests in NMBU's Regulations concerning admission, study, exams and degrees

The Department of Academic Affairs request all students to read and acknowledge them selves with NMBU's regulation. This is important and necessary as the regulation now exists in a new and advises edition from 1 August 2015.

Appeal of marks
When you have received an explantaion of your mark and want to appeal that mark you find information on how to do that at Appeals exam results


Published 17. September 2015 - 11:08 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:18