The primary objective of the research in earthresQue is to develop technologies, systems innovation, and a governance framework towards sustainable management and treatment of wastes and earth materials, building on science-based education and information.

The research is organised in three interconnected workpackages (WP):

Recycling and reuse through new treatment processes for contaminated soils, surplus masses, construction and demolition wastes, making them suitable as raw materials in new products. Including management of old landfill sites and sustainable solutions for future landfills.

Sustainable management of waste materials by developing methodologies and models to assess and document sustainability, including all aspects of environmental, societal, and economic aspects of recycled materials and treatment methods, based on internationally accepted standards.

Regulatory framework and governance methodology to remove current obstacles, both in economic, regulatory, and governance terms. This includes optimised material flow and business concepts to encompass society’s need for more reuse/recycling and less use of virgin earth materials.

Published 11. February 2021 - 14:25 - Updated 16. February 2021 - 12:14