Summer practice and Master thesis work in earthresQue

In order for students to get off to a good start with the work regarding their master thesis it can be useful useful both for user partners and students to work together. There are good experiences where master students were involved in summer jobs the year before their master thesis is completed. This means that the work regarding the thesis needs to start in summer 2021, for those studetns that will finish their studies in 2022.

Experiences in the REdu program

The project management in earthresQue proposes a model for collaboration between the user partners and the teaching and research environments with a focus on summer practice linked to the completion of master's theses in subsequent years. This is a model that has worked very well in the REdu program that was initiated by the waste industry 5 years ago in collaboration with NMBU and NTNU. More about REdu can be read here.

A new opportunity for Master students in earthresQue

earthresQue wants to establish a similar scheme as through the REdu program, and set up as both a client for the master's thesis and engage students in summer practice. We invite interested students to contact the center management regarding summer internships / master's theses that can be completed in collaboration with earthresQue user partners. A complete list of partners in earthresQue SFI is available on earthresQue website. 

Published 11. February 2021 - 15:42 - Updated 11. February 2021 - 15:44