earthresQue January workshop - plans for 2021

The first invitation to the earthresQue workshop was sent from the center administration in November 2020. Several of the issues discussed at the workshop were largely defined in the project's application phase.

The group work was based on the activities in work packages 1, 2 and 3. The center management, together with work package leaders and workshop participants, went through the following:

  • Consortium agreement (completed for signing)
  • Reporting deadline to the Research Council: 20 January 2021 (work plan for 2021 and financial report for 2020)
  • Guidance for financial reporting (sent out to all partners at the end of January / beginning of February)
  • Contact with finance managers at the various user partners (user partners send information to the center's administration)
  • Scheduled theme meetings (at least two meetings per work package annually)
  • Annual meeting September 202

Based on the participants' feedback, the workshop went well. The center management received a lot of good input and the work plans for 2021 were anchored between center management, work package leaders and project staff.

Published 11. February 2021 - 15:34 - Updated 11. February 2021 - 15:34