New innovation center will ensure sustainable management of masses and wastes

The overall objective of the Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) scheme is to enhance the ability of the business sector to innovate and create value through a greater focus on long-term research.

The new centre, which is led by NMBU, will tackle a major societal problem: landfilling of excess earth materials and waste that should rather be handled in a system where we recycle contaminated soil and surplus masses, and find good solutions for future landfills.

"We will develop technologies and systems for sustainable handling and treatment of waste and surplus masses," says Centre Director professor Helen French.

The center has also employed Administrative Manager that will be responsible for daily drift of the centre. "This is a unique possibility for such a borad consortium to really contribute in solving the problem of landfills and waste disposal by reusing them in a sustainable way while boosting innovation." says Administratve Manager Ivan Dragicevic. 

The research partners are a broadly composed group from various disciplines: NGI, BI Norwegian School of Management, Norsus, IFE, NIBIO, NIVA and NILU and many more from private sector, local and regional authorities. 

Published 4. November 2020 - 21:03 - Updated 11. February 2021 - 10:59