International symposium: Fukushima 10 years

Ten years have passed since the accident happened at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in March 2011. Concentration of radionuclides in the environment has significantly decreased compared to that of in the early post accident. As part of the issues that contradict this, some areas are still under evacuation orders, where designated as difficult to return zones, and radiocesium activity concentrations exceeding the Japanese regulatory limit has been detected in some forest and fishery products (edible wild plants and mushrooms, freshwater fish, etc). Thus, there are still unresolved issues related to the environment and food, as well as the harmful rumors associated with them.

Institute of Environmental Radioactivity at Fukushima University (IER) is organising international symposium "Fukushima 10 years: Forest, River, Ocean, and Food - Remaining issues for restoration". Researchers who have been studying environmental radioactivity in Fukushima will clarify and discuss what has been learned during the past decade in their respective research fields and what issues need to be addressed in the future. These findings will be shared not only among researchers but also with the general public, with the aim of promoting understanding of environmental radioactivity, which still remains an issue, and hopefully leading to the reconstruction of Fukushima Prefecture.

Date: October 11-12, 2021
Venue: CORASSE Fukushima (Japan) and Online everywhere

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Published 23. September 2021 - 14:23 - Updated 23. September 2021 - 14:30