Workshop: Processes Influencing Radionuclide Transport and Retention

On the Occasion of its 40th Anniversary, the Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal (INE) at KIT announces the International Scientific Workshop on "Processes Influencing Radionuclide Transport and Retention - Investigations Across Scales" (TransRet2020) on 12th & 13th October 2021 in Karlsruhe, Germany


The intention of TransRet2020 is to discuss during two days the latest developments concerning processes affecting the long term safety of nuclear waste repositories across scales, from molecular dimensions to the regional scale, involving both dynamics and equilibrium. The following sessions are planned:

  1. Kinetic processes and dynamics
  2. Thermodynamics of aqueous speciation, solubility and sorption
  3. Micro-scale transport phenomena
  4. Large scale transport

Scientific Program

Each session will be introduced by a keynote lecture followed by oral contributions. A poster session will be organized in an appropriate form depending on the COVID situation.

Scientific Committee

We are glad to have a scientific committee composed of distinguished former colleagues from the Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal:

  • Dirk Bosbach (FZJ, Jülich)
  • Melissa A. Denecke (Wien)
  • Thomas Fanghänel (Uni Heidelberg)
  • Thorsten Schäfer (Uni Jena)
  • Thorsten Stumpf (HZDR, Dresden)
  • Clemens Walther (Uni Hannover)


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal (INE)


August 1, 2021           Feedback on participation
August 1, 2021           Abstract-template available
August 31, 2021         Abstract due
September 1, 2021    Registration by email starts
September 15, 2021  Authors notified
                                     Presentation guidelines
September 21, 2021  Distribution of final program
October 1, 2021         Deadline for registration
October 12-13, 2021  Workshop

For more information, see workshop flyer

Published 12. August 2021 - 12:13 - Updated 12. August 2021 - 12:13