Our colleague Dr. Yuri Tsaturov passed away

Yuri Tsaturov has been a good friend of Norwegian radioecology and radiation protection since the first joint expeditions to the Kara Sea and the fjords of Novaya Zemlya primo 1990ies, where Russian nuclear submarines, barges and containers with nuclear waste had been dumped. Yuri Tsaturov contributed significantly to the joint collaboration related to radioactive contamination and elucidating of nuclear legacy in the Northern Seas. Yuri Tsaturov also contributed to the development of  Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), and was acting as Co-Chair of the AMAP Radioactivity Expert Group.

Yuri Tsaturaov was a highly competent scientist as well as a good friend, and will be greatly missed.

Published 14. April 2021 - 16:28 - Updated 15. April 2021 - 8:37