Welcome to Jonas Lystrup Andresen

What is the question you will be working on for your PhD?

Arthropods play a major role in ecosystem functioning and in the transfer of radionuclides to organisms higher up in the food chain. It has so far not been thoroughly investigated how radionuclides transfer from plants and detritus through arthropod food webs and what impacts that has at various levels.

What is your background? And why did you choose NMBU for your PhD?

I did my MSc in Environmental science at the University of South-Eastern Norway. My thesis was on the importance of bilberry (blåbær) as a resource for bumble bees in the forest-mountain ecotone. That’s how I knew there was a strong group of insect researchers at MINA and particularly papers by Rannveig Jacobsen made me see a side of ecology that inspired me.

Within ecology, I am particularly interested in trophic interactions (food webs) and how they affect ecosystem processes. Trophic interactions form an important part of the project I will be working on, and the radioecology angle makes it even more exciting.  

How do you find it to live in Norway?

I am a Dane, but I have lived in Norway for many years now. Good enough, I know how to ski and that helped me to fit in with the family of my Norwegian girlfriend.

Published 21. October 2020 - 14:30 - Updated 21. October 2020 - 14:37