CERAD ATAC-seq workshop

The CERAD ATAC-seq workshop was organized to discuss and communicate experiences and competences related to ATAC-seq methodology and bioinformatic analysis. A total of six presentations (see Program) were given to highlight the various sides of this selected omics item.

A total of 36 persons participated in dissemination of, learning more and discussing ATAC-seq. The majority of participants came from CERAD partner institutions NMBU-VET, NMBU-MINA, NMBU-IPV and CIGENE. The workshop started with lunch and ended with pizza at the Vet School, followed by a social stop at the Flyfisher on the way home by a group of the participants. During day 2, participants carried out hands-on ATAC-seq library production. 

The many and deep discussions proved that CERAD and CIGENE clearly share interests in epigenetics related to fish (main focus on salmon and zebrafish) and the meeting agreed the ATAC-seq workshop is a useful type arena for exchange of experiences and competences that should be followed up. The mutual interests will be further enhanced when NMBU-VET are established at the Ås Campus at the fall 2020.


Published 7. November 2019 - 13:21 - Updated 7. November 2019 - 13:31