CERAD at the 16th International Congress of Radiation Research

CERAD research and scientists have had a high profile at the 16th International Congress of Radiation Research (ICRR 2019) in Manchester on 25th – 29th August 2019. Our scientists have given three presentations and chaired three session at the congress.

In addition, CERAD co-organized the fifth in the series of IUR international workshops: "Radiobiology meets Radioecology: Since an ecosystem approach is better suited to fulfil goals of environmental radiation protection, what is preventing its development?". The topic of the workshop stems from the initial consensus recognition that ecosystem approaches are better suited to fulfil environmental radiation protection goals (consensus statements from Miami consensus Symposium, 2015).

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Bréchignac et al. 2016 Addressing ecological effects of radiation on populations and ecosystems to improve protection of the environment against radiation: Agreed statements from a Consensus Symposium

Mothersill et al 2018 When a duck is not a duck; a new interdisciplinary synthesis for environmental radiation protection


Dag Marcus Eide presenting the results of CERAD AML mice irradiation experiments

Deborah Oughton

Published 29. August 2019 - 13:14 - Updated 3. September 2019 - 16:24