Public defense - Yevgeniya Tomkiv

Risk communication is one of the most important challenges of emergency management. Past nuclear accidents have shown that bad communication practices can result in huge consequences to society and loss of human lives. Despite vast amount of research on the topic of risk communication, in practice it is still often limited to simply educating the public about risks.

PhD candidate Yevgeniya Tomkiv has examined what happens when nuclear emergencies happen, and how media, practitioners and the public respond.
“My aim has been to offer a more holistic understanding of the risk communication in emergency preparedness that emphasizes the relationships between the key actors,” she says.

Yevgeniya has successfully defended her thesis "Risk communication in nuclear emergency preparedness: Embracing the complexity" on June 12th 2019. The title of her trial lecture was "The relationship between social scientific research and policy/practice in the field of nuclear risk communication" 


PhD student Yevgeniya Tomkiv with her supervisors Brian Wynne, Deborah Oughton and Tanja Perko, and opponents Alan Irwin and Ciara McMahon

Quentin Mennecart

Evaluation committee:
First opponent: Professor Alan Irwin, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Second opponent: Dr. Ciara McMahon, Environmental Protection Authority, Ireland
Committee coordinator: Dr. Dag Anders Brede, MINA, NMBU

Main supervisor: Professor Deborah H. Oughton, MINA, NMBU
Professor Brian Wynne, University of Lancaster, UK
Dr. Tanja Perko, Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK-CEN), Belgium

The doctoral thesis is available for public review at the NMBU library

Thesis number 2019:39

ISSN 1894-6402

ISBN 978-82-575-1598-0

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In case of emergency: risk communication and nuclear incidents

In her PhD, Yevgeniya Tomkiv has examined risk communication in nuclear emergency preparedness. Her research shows that there is a need to change the way we think about communication: the focus should shift more towards dynamic social relationships.


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