Public defense - Anna-Lea Golz

Aquatic ecosystems form the basis of a wide range of significant ecosystem services. They are increasingly exposed to stress such as pollution and climate change. In this thesis, the ecological effects of pollutants in aquatic ecosystems were investigated all the way from the cellular level to the ecosystem level, using model ecosystems with increasing complexity.

Anna-Lea's research shows that overall effects on aquatic ecosystems are determined by both pollution and ecological processes. Her work further supports the need for a holistic approach to ecotoxicology and radioecology where effects on ecosystem level are taken into account.


Hevrøy, T. H., Golz, A.-L., Hansen, E. L., Xie, L., & Bradshaw, C. (2019). Radiation effects and ecological processes in a freshwater microcosm. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 203, 71-83.


Published 20. May 2019 - 13:51 - Updated 20. May 2019 - 13:51