CERAD Annual Report 2018 is published

Since 2013, the Center of Environmental Radioactivity (CERAD), a Center of Excellence (CoE), has improved the ability to assess radiological impact and risks associated with environmental radioactivity. By focusing on key factors contributing to the uncertainties, new and state of the art tools and methods have been developed to better manage those risks. The scope includes radionuclides released in the past, those presently released, and those that potentially can be released in the future from nuclear weapons and fuel cycles as well as from non-nuclear industries. Thus, the research is linking source term and release scenarios to ecosystem transfer, biological uptake and eff ects in organisms exposed to radiation combined with other stressors. The assessments include possible impact on human and non-human organisms, as well as economic and societal consequences.

According to the international Mid-term Evaluation Committee established by the Research Council of Norway (RCN): “CERAD is a global Centre of Excellence and a flagship for Norwegian science with an agenda that is also highly relevant for society.“

Published 29. April 2019 - 10:16 - Updated 23. June 2020 - 11:12