Nordic Zebrafish and Husbandry meeting 2018

The second Nordic Zebrafish and Husbandry Meeting was held at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden Nov. 7th - 9th 2018. The meeting venue, Biomedicum, a new building dedicated to biomedical research and education at KI, served as a perfect environment for the meeting.

Key features:

  • Clinically relevant zebrafish disease models, such as cancer and neurodegenerative disorders
  • High throughput drug screening
  • Advanced methods, instrumentation and latest products, demonstrated by exhibitors and sponsors of the meeting
  • Radiation biology

Gamma radiation induced effects on the zebrafish epigenetic landscape

CERAD was presented with 5 presentations, giving a broad overview of the cumulated knowledge of gamma radiation induced effects on zebrafish. Peter Aleström, (also member of the organizing committee) summarized our data (3 recent CERAD doctoral theses plus yet unpublished) of effects of radiation exposures on the zebrafish embryo epigenetic landscape. Post doctor Leif Lindeman continued and presented in depth analysis of gamma radiation induced hyper enrichment on post translational histone modifications in zebrafish and salmon embryos. Post doctor Selma Hurem presented a poster showing proof of gamma radiation induced morphological changes on eye morphology during larval stage. Master student Jarle Ballangby presented a poster showing the implementation of ATAC-seq on zebrafish embryos. We noted that the ATAC analysis of the epigenome is achieving interest in the zebrafish research community. Chief engineer Erik Rasmussen presented new web based methods for zebrafish laboratory management logistics.

Key note presentation: Zoltan Varga, Director of Zebrafish International Resource Centre (Eugene, OR). Use of cryopreservation for secure storage of thousands of mutant and transgenic zebrafish lines. Optimized freezing/thawing increase the survival rate of zebrafish spermatozoa to 95 percent after in vitro fertilization. Cryopreservation minimizes the number of fish kept live in the facility and as such contributes to the 3R goals.

The conference dinner was at a cruise in the inner archipelago close to the keys of Stockholm. All participants agreed it was a nice meeting and that a new Nordic Zebrafish Meetings have a good size for interactions between participants, an initiative to be repeated.

Published 21. November 2018 - 10:02 - Updated 21. November 2018 - 10:02