DNVA's Symposium on iodine and selenium

Iodine and selenium are essential trace elements for humans and domestic animals. They work together to maintain important functions in the organisms. In addition to being a part of enzymes with antioxidant function, selenium is important for the formation and turnover of iodine thyroid hormones. There is a lot of evidence that the intake of these elements in Norway is lower than desirable. The DNVA's symposium entitled "Low iodine and selenium content in Norwegian diet and crops - A health problem for humans and livestock?" discussed newest research on the health consequences of low intake of these elements and possible solutions to improve this situation.

CERAD Director Brit Salbu participated in the symposium and gave a presentation "Selenium and iodine – essential for protecting humans from ionizing radiation."

Brit Salbu is also a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Committee for Geomedicine.

Published 5. November 2018 - 14:48 - Updated 5. November 2018 - 14:53