Ole Christian Lind appointed as CERAD Research Director

Dr. Ole Christian Lind has been appointed as CERAD Research Director to support the research effort with special focus on sources of radioactive contamination and ecosystem transfer (Research Areas 1 and 2). Deborah Oughton will continue to work as Research Director focusing on biological responses, risk assessment and ecosystem approach (Research Areas 3 and 4).

Ole Christian specialises on speciation (i.e. determination of physico-chemical forms) and source identification of radionuclides and trace elements using advanced techniques (e.g. synchrotron radiation based micro x-ray techniques, accelerator mass spectrometry) with emphasis on characterisation of radioactive particles in the nanometer-micrometer range. He has published about 76 papers within the field of radioecology and environmental chemistry of which 37 articles are in international peer review journals. He also contributed to several reports and books including a chapter on environmental chemistry of plutonium in the new Plutonium Handbook (2. edition). 


Ole Christian Lind on fieldwork

Ole Christian Lind on fieldwork


Published 24. October 2018 - 21:42 - Updated 31. October 2018 - 15:12