CERAD CoE invited to the MINA Faculty Board meeting

Following the mid-term evaluation of CERAD, the CERAD Director Brit Salbu was invited to the MINA Faculty Board meeting at the Son Spa Hotel on September 5th.

The presentation focused on statements given by the International Mid-term evaluation committee:

  • CERAD is a global Centre of Excellence and a flagship for Norwegian science with an agenda that is also highly relevant for society.
  • The Director and Management Group have performed extremely well.
  • There is an excellent team spirit and enthusiasm making the Centre very attractive for collaborations but also for PhD students and postdocs.
  • Network building both nationally and internationally, also with practitioners and politicians, has been outstanding.
  • The Strategic Research Agenda is very ambitious and relevant.
  • The scientific results are excellent in terms of publication quantity and very good for publication quality.

In addition, the research agenda, the result output 2018 as well as future plan were discussed and well received.

Published 17. October 2018 - 8:50 - Updated 17. October 2018 - 8:50