PhD scholarship within Radioecology/Environmental Radioactivity - Radionuclide transfer and uptake in food products

The overarching goal of this research project is to further develop transfer models to predict mobility of naturally occurring radionuclides (NOR) and trace metals in soils and the subsequent uptake in food products in order to reduce uncertainties related to the assessment of food product quality and health hazards.


To achieve this goal, two objectives can be formulated:

(1) Identify the most important soil parameters influencing the mobility in soils and driving the uptake of NOR and metals into food products.

(2) Determine soil-to-plant transfer factors (TF) for metals and NOR contaminated soils under different climate conditions, and make a link between soil characteristics, the speciation of NOR and trace metals and TFs.

Published 4. September 2018 - 14:15 - Updated 4. September 2018 - 14:16