A successful master defence - Gitte Helene Brunstad

Norway is a country with large natural variations in the exposure to UV radiation. Variations in ozone layer and increasing number of melanoma cases in Norwegian population make this topic very important for research. In case of a nuclear accident, the populations will be exposed to both UV and ionizing radiation at the same time. That is why current research in CERAD Research Area 1C (previously umbrella 7) “Doses and Effects of Ultraviolet and Ionizing radiation” focuses on studying the effect of these stressors together.

Gitte Helene Brunstad has newly defended her thesis, which aimed to investigate the effect of the state of the atmosphere on transport of radionuclides and ultraviolet (UV) transfer in relation to a nuclear accident.

The work done in her master project represents the first step towards providing a system to quantify the synergistic biological effects of ionizing radiation and UV doses. Given the necessary limitations of a master project, the focus of Gitte’s thesis has been on atmospheric models needed to calculate the Cesium-137 deposition and UV doses. Remaining work beyond the scope of the thesis will focus on applying models for biological uptake of Cesium-137 and calculating long term UV and ionizing radiation doses. Terje Christensen, who is the leader of Umbrella 1C, and Martin Album Ytre-Eide were the external supervisors of this master thesis.

Gitte Helene Brunstad at Norwegian Championship in karate

Gitte Helene Brunstad at Norwegian Championship in karate


This is, however, not the full story! Besides being a smart and resourceful student, Gitte Helene Brunstad is the best karate athlete in Norway! She received the highest award given to athletes in Norway for the third time during the National Championship in March 2017. Now, Gitte is aiming at the Olympic Games in 2020, which will include karate for the first time in the history.

We congratulate the new Master of Science and wish her best of luck!

Published 10. April 2017 - 13:19 - Updated 24. January 2019 - 10:39