Frøydis Wærsted gave talk at Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

Frøydis studies alum shale - a sedimentary rock with high content of uranium, which is common in the bedrock in Scandinavia. This rock is highly abundant in the waste from construction work in Norway. Frøydis has performed several experiments with alum shale to study its potential for release of radionuclides and toxic metals to the environment when exposed to air and water.

Previous experiments supervised by Hans-Christian Teien have shown that pollutants like uranium, cadmium and molybdenum can leach from alum shale and be taken up by brown trout. Now, Frøydis is planning experiments to investigate the bioavailability of these elements to earthworms if the alum shale is spread on land.

Want to know more about it? Frøydis has her midterm seminar on Monday, 3rd of April at NMBU.

Frøydis Meen Wærsted with her poster about leaching experiments at 8th International symposium on NORM in Rio de Janeiro.


Published 30. March 2017 - 12:11 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:09