PhD-position in Environmental Radioactivity/Radioecology – particles

Research in CERAD focuses on eight key research areas. Research areas “Particle sources and effects” as well as “Dynamic ecosystem transfer” will represent the scientific fundament for the present project.


The PhD project aims to link particle characteristics (chemistry/physics) to environmental behavior and biological uptake (ecology/biology) in order to reduce the uncertainties in environmental impact assessments of particle contaminated sites. Thus, the work will comprise comprehensive characterization of nanometer/micrometer particles and fragments, particle weathering experiments and uptake in organisms . This knowledge will shed light on transformation mechanisms as well as factors influencing bioavailability of radionuclides/stable elements to organisms.

More information about the position, requirements and how to apply can be found here.

Published 5. October 2016 - 15:23 - Updated 5. October 2016 - 15:26