IUR Consensus Symposium 2015 - Ecological effects of radiation on populations and ecosystems

In 2001, the IUR arranged a Consensus Conference on Environment Radiological Protection, which resulted in broad agreement on the need to address the environmental impacts of ionizing radiation. For more than ten years, an increasing amount of work has been carried out on development of environmental radiation protection frameworks. Scientific research has increased our knowledge of the effects of ionising radiation on the environment, and a variety of laboratory and field studies have been published. However, the results from such studies are sometimes contradictory and there is disagreement about the implications for risk assessment.

By bringing together a wide group of scientists from different disciplines and research areas, the present symposium has provided an opportunity to revisit the 2001 consensus statement and evaluate the current research status. The symposium has discussed the scientific results from laboratory and field studies, identify areas of consensus and explore reasons for disagreements about the studies, different interpretation of the results, as well as their implications for environmental protection.

The Symposium group of scientists is currently drafting a set of agreed statements relevant to ecological effects of radiation on populations and ecosystems in order to improve protection of the environment against radiation. When ready, these agreed statements will be advertised and published.

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On photo: participants of the IUR Consensus Symposium 2015

Published 23. May 2016 - 15:19 - Updated 23. May 2016 - 15:21