CERAD at the SHAMISEN Workshop and International Conference, Fukushima

Yevgeniya Tomkiv and Deborah Oughton are attending the SHAMISEN Workshop at Fukushima Medical University. SHAMISEN is an EU project under the Operra EURATOM programme that will develop recommendations for medical and health surveillance of populations affected by previous and future radiation accidents, building upon lessons learned from experiences with populations affected by Chernobyl, Fukushima and other nuclear emergencies. NMBU and NRPA are participating from CERAD and NMBU is leading the work package dealing with preparedness and improvement of post-accident response; NRPA is leading a review of the experiences of the Sami population after Chernobyl.

The Fukushima workshop brings together medical and public health professionals, radiation protection experts and local stakeholders in order to review the design and implementation of interventions addressing the health issues of the population. In particular, it aims at identifying impacts on living and social conditions, and summarising the concerns, needs and expectations of the affected populations with regard to their health and welfare. The workshop includes visits to affected communities and the Daiichi NPP, and is followed by an international conference hosted by Fukushima Medical University.

Published 6. March 2016 - 1:49 - Updated 8. March 2016 - 2:27