CERAD CoE chaired an international seminar on nuclear forensics

Relevant authorities including the IAEA and US State Department as well as other organizations from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland participated in order to discuss:

  • Requirements and challenges related to setting up and run nuclear forensics systems
  • Analytical techniques for nuclear forensics in Nordic countries with focus on novel techniques
  • Quality assurance within nuclear forensics
  • International cooperation within nuclear forensics

The goal of the seminar was to provide information on the necessity and suitability of novel analytical techniques within Nordic nuclear forensics as well as exploring possibilities for collaboration across institutions and borders within the Nordic countries. The target group was all the relevant state authorities and organizations from Nordic countries with involvement in nuclear forensics or interest in analytical techniques applicable within nuclear forensics. Participants from CERAD CoE were Brit Salbu, Cato Wendel, Pablo Lebed, Lindis Skipperud and Ole Christian Lind (chaired the seminar).

Published 31. October 2016 - 18:04 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:16