Stakeholder dialogue seminars in Rogaland – part one

In case of a radiological accident, stakeholders are people, who can be affected by the situation or a decision made to solve it. These would include anyone from relevant authorities to the local inhabitants. Inviting a wide range of stakeholders to participate in the discussions about the possible radiological accident is a valuable input for a better emergency preparedness planning.

In cooperation with the County Governor of Rogaland and the EC project PREPARE, CERAD organized a dialogue seminar to discuss possible consequences of a hypothetical accident at the Sellafield reprocessing facility with radioactive fallout over Norway. The seminar was held on 26th-27th of January at the Hjelmeland SPA hotel. It gathered 62 participants (41 on day 2) from more than 30 different organizations.

On the first day, participants saw a series of presentations about radioactive contamination, how it behaves in the environment, potential mitigation actions, the emergency preparedness system in Norway and many others. They spent the second day discussing the challenges, which will arise in the sectors they represent and in the county in general. In the end of the day, participants defined what kind of topics they want to address in depth during the second part of the seminars: health impacts, measurement capacities, roles and responsibilities of actors, and information and communication.

The second part of the seminars will be held on March 10th in Stavanger.

Published 25. November 2015 - 15:15 - Updated 3. December 2015 - 11:21