1000    Welcome, Brit Salbu

 1000-1130      RA1 – Sources            Chair Halvor Hektoen

Assessing the source terms of real and hypothetical nuclear events (Ole Christian Lind, NMBU) 15 min

Modelling atmospheric transport and deposition of radioactive particles (Jerzy Bartnicki, MET) 10 min

Sellafield and Fukushima: Preliminary model results (Heiko Klein, MET) 10 min

Improved inventory for dispersion modelling (Martin Ytre-Eide, NRPA) 10 min

Marine Transport - results from Irish Sea Experiment (Magne Simonsen, MET Ocean) 10 min

Preliminary results of Cs-137 transport in Vikedal by INCA-RAD catchment model (Raoul-Marie Couture, NIVA) 10 min

 15 min general discussion

 1130-1230  RA2 – Transfer            Chair Lindis Skipperud

Short introduction RA2 (Hans-Christian Teien, NMBU) 5 min

Forskning i Vodnyi (Yevgeniya Tomkiv, NMBU) 10 min

Uranium speciation, accumulation and toxicity in Atlantic salmon parr (Hans-Christian Teien, NMBU) 15 min

Bioaccumulation and Effects of depleted uranium (DU) in planktonic Organisms (Knut Erik Tollefsen/Anders NIVA) 5 min

 20 min discussion 

 1230-1330      Lunch 

 1330-1500  RA3 - Effects             Chair Deborah Oughton

Short introduction (Ann-Karin Olsen, FHI and Peter Alestrøm, NMBU) 5 min

Gamma irradiation of Zebrafish (Peter Alestrøm and co-workers, NMBU) 15 min+3 min for discussion

Chronic low dose-rate gamma irradiation in combination with low selenium diet - effects on reproduction (Anne Graupner, FHI) 10 min + 3 min for discussion

Epigenetic  profiling and transgenerational effects in mice (Ann-Karin Olsen and co-workers, FHI) 15 min+ 3 min for discussion

Mixed toxicity investigations using C. elegans as a model (Dag Anders Brede, NMBU) 10 min+ 3 min for discussion

Adverse Outcome Pathways for Ionizing radiation (Knut-Erik Tollefsen, NIVA) 10 min+ 3 min for discussion

Wrap up from RA3 (Ann-Karin Olsen and Peter Alestrøm) 5 min


 1500-1615  RA4 - Risk Assessment            Chair Per Strand

RA4 overarching aims (Knut Erik Tollefsen and Astrid Liland)

Risk perception and willingness to pay - UV and radon case studies in 2014 (Ståle/Lill Tove/Christina)


Sellafield stakeholder dialogues (Yevgeniya Tomkiv, NMBU)

 Discussion:  How do we plan stakeholder engagement processes?

Predictive risk assessment of multiple stressors – Plans for 2014 (Karina Petersen, NIVA)


 1615-1645  Coffee 

 1645-1815   RA5 - UV

Effect of UV-B-temperature interaction on plant growth, flavonoid content and DNA damage. Progress with construction of exposure chambers (Jorunn E. Olsen, NMBU) 15 mins

Effects of UV-B and radioactivity on lichens - progress and plans (Knut Asbjørn Solhaug, NMBU) 10 mins

Interactive effects of UV-B and air humidity on stomata function and morphology (Sissel Torre, NMBU) 5 mins

Effects of UV at different altitudes in Ethiopia on plant morphology and flowering. A filtration study (Amsalu Gobena Roro, NMBU) 5mins

Effects of increased UV-B and its interaction with temperature on phenology in field-grown aspen (Christian Bianchi Strømme, NMBU) 5 min

Natural ultraviolet radiation exposure calculated with background in monitoring data, climate and geography (Lill Tove Nilsen and Bjørn Johnsen, NRPA) 20 min

Action spectra of ultraviolet radiation, data from zebrafish embryos (Terje Christensen) 15 min

 (Karina Petersen, NIVA - to be confirmed).


1815-1830      Wrap-up and briefing on annual report (Brit Salbu, NMBU) 

1900                Dinner

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