Annual Report 2020

The virtual version of the status meetings has given new opportunities and alternatives for flexibility in participation. The virtual version of our annual Bio4Fuels Days allowed us to arrange a dedicated international section with international participants and presenters. This means that we have still been able to generate interesting results and to a large extent follow our plans.

As we approach the halfway milestone for the operation of Bio4Fuels, the Centre management, with the support of the research institutions and stakeholders, has been prepared and delivered the required documentation for the Research Council's midterm evaluation of Bio4Fuels. As input to this, our survey and evaluation of the operation and the "Value-chain" based organization gave positive results with respect to the impact of the changes from the earlier "self-evaluation". The recent evaluation also underlined the escalating importance of our research activities towards realizing the ambitions of the green transition, with many of the processes and expertise being developed being relevant for the wider bioeconomy.

We must also acknowledge and be thankful for the continued support of the Bio4Fuels stakeholders, both industrial and public sector, in spite of the challenging environment they have also been operating under.

The Annual Report 2020 can be downloaded via the link in the sidebar, both full version and shortened version (brochure).

Published 5. March 2021 - 11:29 - Updated 15. October 2021 - 16:18