Working towards better utilization of biogas

Biogas is used for electricity, heat, and as fuel – and made from resources that would otherwise be turned into organic waste.

- We work with materials that are wet, smells bad and no one else wants. Food waste, sewage and livestock manure. All types of organic material, and anything that is too wet to burn, says Roald Aasen.

He is a researcher at NIBIO, who together with NMBU professors Svein Jarle Horn and John Morken leads the biogas laboratory at Ås. Svein Jarle Horn is deputy head of Bio4Fuels.

NMBU also uses the research done at the biogas laboratory as a starting point for courses for master's students in chemistry and biotechnology, and doctoral dissertations.

- It is very important for us that the teaching is research-based, Svein Jarle Horn emphasizes.

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Published 22. October 2021 - 10:10 - Updated 22. October 2021 - 10:10