Shell and Bergene Holm strengthen their contribution agreement with Bio4Fuels partner Biozin in Norway

This represents a shared strong commitment to decarbonising the transport sector. The project is building towards a full-scale production plant for advanced bio-crude oil in Aamli, Norway, with a final investment decision scheduled for the second half of 2023.

The demand for low carbon fuels in transport is expected to double by 2030. Shell, Bergene Holm and Biozin are working to meet this demand and help their customers and society decarboinse their journeys. This investment is an important step on this journey as it will help to scale and de-risk Shell’s IH²® technology which produces low carbon fuels from woody biomass, forestry residues and agricultural waste.

There are still technical and project risks to overcome, but once fully scaled, IH²® has the potential to significantly contribute to decarbonising road journeys, marine and aviation by producing renewable gasoline, diesel, marine distillates and sustainable aviation fuel.

Read the full press release from Biozin in Norwegian and English here.


Biozin is a Norwegian company currently owned by Bergene Holm. Biozin was established to produce renewable biocrude from Norwegian sawmills and forestry residues. When completed, the production facility will convert woody feedstock, such as forestry residues and by-products from the sawmill industry, into an advanced second-generation crude bio-oil, “biozin”.

Bergene Holm is the second largest sawmill company in Norway, with about 450 employees and turnover of 1.8 billion NOK. Bergene Holm operates 7 production facilities and other businesses in the South of Norway and has more than 70 years of experience from the Norwegian wood industry.

Published 25. June 2021 - 9:51 - Updated 25. June 2021 - 9:52