PhD Course in Biogas Technology 11 - 14 June 2019

Participation and completed assignment qualifies for 5 credits (ECTS).
It is possible to attend the lectures only, this leads to a course diploma (no credits).

Updated course plan.

Registration deadline was 27 May 2019.

Biogas is mainly a blend of methane and carbon dioxide, produced by microbial communities under anaerobic conditions. Biogas may be produced from all kinds of organic material, and used for production of heat, power and fuel or as a feedstock in chemical industry. A biogas process will also produce a nutrient-rich digestate which may be used as a fertilizer. In this course, the student will learn the fundamentals of biogas technology, including topics like microbiology, process technology, modelling, digestate, pretreatment and industrial applications.

You will find the course program here.


Published 9. April 2019 - 14:25 - Updated 28. June 2019 - 12:07