Bio4Fuels Days 2019: Building a Sustainable European Biofuel Industry [4 - 6 November 2019]

Sustainable bioenergy development relies on a combination of sustainable resource procurement, production and use of low carbon fuels and chemicals, as well as a joined-up approach to research and policy that looks at the whole energy system.

The Bio4Fuels Days 2019 conference was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, 4 - 6 November, addressing these issues. 

The conference broght together researchers, industry specialists and policy-makers to review the status of bioenergy deployment, analyze the future of sustainable biofuel production and use in Europe, and conneced sectorial expertise with a view to supporting sustainable biofuel production and greenhouse gas mitigation.

This year's Bio4Fuels Days was a joint conference organized by three research centres:

Program and presentations

The conference program and list of participants can be found here.

Presentations, picures and videos can be found here.

A Special issue of the journal Biomass and Bioenergy (ELSEVIER) will be connected to the conference. 

Back-to-Back Workshop 6th November: A Nordic Workshop - a strategic discussion spanning over the coming decade. We identified some hot spots and discussed solutions.

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