Bio4Fuels Days 2019: Building a Sustainable European Biofuel Industry

  • Bio4Fuels Days 2019
    Emmi Voogand

The 2019 Bio4Fuels Days gathered key actors in Gothenburg to address the main objective of sustainable biofuel implementation prospects in Norway, Sweden and the UK. The Nordic Energy Research offered a back-to-back workshop to all participants. 

Bio4Fuels Days 2019: Building a Sustainable European Biofuel Industry

Sustainable bioenergy development relies on a combination of sustainable resource procurement, production and use of low carbon fuels and chemicals, as well as a joined-up approach to research and policy that looks at the whole energy system.

The Bio4Fuels Days 2019 conference was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, 4 - 6 November, addressing these issues. 

The conference broght together researchers, industry specialists and policy-makers to review the status of bioenergy deployment, analyze the future of sustainable biofuel production and use in Europe, and conneced sectorial expertise with a view to supporting sustainable biofuel production and greenhouse gas mitigation.

This year's Bio4Fuels Days was a joint conference organized by three research centres:

Program and presentations

The conference program and list of participants can be found here.

Presentations, picures and videos can be found here.

A Special issue of the journal Biomass and Bioenergy (ELSEVIER) will be connected to the conference. 

Back-to-Back Workshop 6th November: A Nordic Workshop - a strategic discussion spanning over the coming decade. We identified some hot spots and discussed solutions.

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