Annual Report 2017

The Bio4Fuels Annual Report 2017 was handed in to The Norwegian Research Council (NRC) on 1 April 2018. 

Centre leader Duncan Akproaye writes in the Report:

The realization of Bio4Fuels FME Centre is the result of a lot of the hard work by many of those representing the key research partners and of the encouraging interest, support and feedback of the stakeholders.
After almost one year of operation, we are even more aware of the challenges and opportunities that the Centre faces on behalf of the Scientists and the Stakeholders linked to Bio4Fuels. This is both in terms of the need to make available innovations that can address society's needs for alternative solutions for biofuels as part of the transport sector energy mix, as well as having considered basis for many of the questions that arise in this rapidly evolving sector. As scientists in the Centre, we have high ambitions to make our mark, delivering on the goals of science and innovation, as well as considering the alternative choices of value-chains that best fit the Norwegian and Nordic context for the production of Biofuels.

You can read the full report here.

Published 26. April 2018 - 8:15 - Updated 9. February 2021 - 11:44