Bio4Fuels kick-off seminar [9 February 2017]


Overview of Program:

9th February:

09.00 Coffee and registration


10.00 Official Opening (Chair: Duncan Akporiaye, Vice president research, SINTEF. Centre Leader) 

10.00 Research Council (Rune Volla, Department Director Division for Energy, Resources and the Environoment, Research Council of Norway)

10.25 Ministry of Education and Research (Bjørn Haugstad, State Secretary)

10.35 NMBU (Mari Sundli Tveit, Rector)

10.50 SINTEF (Eli Aamot, Executive Vice President)

11.00 UMOE (Hans Aasnæs, Senior Vice President, UMOE. Chair of Bio4Fuels Interim Board)

11:10 Coffee break

11.30 "Gas Fermentation: Making sustainable fuels and chemicals at scale" (Sean Simpson, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Lanzatech)

11.55 "Nordic perspective to bioeconomy" (Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice President, VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland)

12.20 "Landscape addressing the whole barrel of oil with biomass" (John Holladay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)


12.45 Lunch


Biofuels perspevice (Chair: Svein Jarle Horn, professor NMBU)

13.45 "Emission reductions in the transport sector" (Siri Sorteberg, Leader, Section of Transport and Air Quality, Norwegian Environment Agency)

14.05 "Why biofuels? A business perspective" (Thomas Hansen, Director of Renewable Energy, ST1

14.25 "Biofuels in the politial maelstrom, What's on the other side of RED II (Jakob Lagerkrantz, 2030-secretariat)

14.50 "f3 - fossil free fuels: s systems perspective on the transition towards a fossil free transport sector" (Johanna Mossberg, Manager, F3, The Swedish knowledge centre for Renewable transportation fuels)


15.10 Coffee break


15.30 "Challenges in producing advanced biofuels" (Ingo Machenbach, Senior Engineer, Silva Green Fuels)

15.50 "Biofuels in a biorefinery perspective" (Martin Lersch, CTO Business development, Borregaard)

16.10 "NorBioLab, Norwegian Biorefinery Laboratory - versatile research tools for bioprocess development" (Karin Øyaas, Research Manager, Paper and Fibre Research Institute, PFI)

16.25 Closing remarks (Svein Jarle Horn, professor, Deputy Leader of Bio4Fuels, NMBU)


16.30 Close

         Informal mingling

18.00 Dinner


10th February:

The Bio4Fuels Value Chain Sub Project 1 (SP1 - Bioresouces (Chair: Francesco Cherubini, professor NTNU)

09:00 "Unexplored potentials in waste for biofuels production" (Johnny Stuen, Technical Director, EGE)

09.20 "Forest owners on Biofuels?" (Olav Veum, Norwegian Forest Owners Federation)

09.40 "Forest resources availability and the effects of utilization on ecosystem processes and climate" (Rasmus Astrup, Senior Researcher, NIBIO


10.00 Coffee break

  SP2 Conversion Technologies (Chair: Berta Matas Güell, Senior Scientist, SINTEF)

10.30 "Enzyme technology for biomass conversion" (Anne Stenbæk, Dept. Manager, Biomass Technology EU, Novozymes)

10.50 "Fast Pyrolysis: a short cut for biomass to refineries" (Robbie Venderbosch, Senior engineer, Biomass Technology Group BTG)

11.00 "Bioprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass" (Anikó Várnai, researcher, NMBU)


11.30 Lunch

  SP 3 Upgrading Technologies (Chair: Vincent Eijsink, professor, NMBU)

12.45 "Upgrading of syn-gas from biomass gasification" (Stephen Poulston, Research scientist, Johnson Matthey)

13.05 "Utilization of Biogas from waste streams - world wide experience" (Paal Jahre Nilsen, R&D responsible, CAMBI)

13.25 "Advanced biofuels from wood using the biotech route" (Alexander Wentzel, senior research scientist, SINTEF)


13.45 Coffee

  S4 End Use (Chair: Bernd Wittgens, senior adviser, SINTEF)

14.15 "Drop in fuels from the forest - today and in the future" (Åsa Håkansson, Business Developer -Research and Product Development, PREEM)

14.35 "The Co-optima Project: Biofuel production and design predicated upon engine performance criteria" (Anthe George, Scientist, Senior Member of the Technical Staff ad SANDIA National Laboratories)

14.55 "Biofuels in use, performance and emissions" (Terese Løvås, Professor NTNU) 

15.15 Closing Remarks (Duncan Akporiaye, Vice president research, SINTEF. Centre Leader)

15.30 Close






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